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  • I Joined Tuesday 1st Dec 2020 And Here's My SAS Affiliate Review

    My Honest Review of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's New Course On Using GroovePages To Make Money

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    First Things First

    Q. What is the quickest way to start earning online?

    A. Picking the right business model

    Most people at some point see that there is a HUGE opportunity to build a business on line, whether that is a side hustle, job replacement or even an internet empire! Most people just dream. But the fact you are here means that you are ready to get going and take action.

    There are any number of ways you can create your own online business. Create your own course, write a book, sell physical products, start an agency, the list is endless. But they all need a specific skill set that has to be learned. You can waste a ton of time trying to work things out on your own, trying this model, then trying that. It can be confusing, bewildering and frustrating on your own. Trust me I've tried it.

    So you need a good place to START And a good place to start is with Affiliate Marketing.

    Why would I want to do affiliate marketing?

    I would recommend affiliate marketing because it saves you time and money from the get go. Affiliate marketing offers the quickest way for a new entrepreneur to start earning income online. The products are ready made. They are already Proven to sell. All the back office admin, payment processors and product delivery are handled. So the piece that you need to do is much smaller than with other online business models.

    Which means you can get up and running in less time. And get you earning that cash fast!!

    Can't I find out this information for free?

    The internet offers endless free information, and you can spend days, weeks, and months on Google searching out information on how to build an online business, but much of it is out of date, low grade and incomplete. How can you tell what is cutting edge and working today? You just end up with a head full of ragged pieces of information that don’t tell you where to start, what to do, and how to get results. (Do you hear the voice of experience here?)

    So life teaches us that the quickest way to get from zero to success is follow the footsteps of Masters and use their methods to get YOUR success!!

     How can I find Master Affiliate Marketers to model?

    There are tens of thousands of internet marketers on the internet who are generating income, and many decide to diversify and teach what they do. I have to say that I’ve bought into many only to be disappointed that they were not all that they promised to be. It has been a tough journey. Having finally found SAS Affiliates I am going nowhere else – and here is why. 

    If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there!   ....Stephen Covey 

    SAS Affiliate Review

    Here is your MAP!

    You want the quickest route from here to success and THAT is what SAS Affiliate training and support is designed to give you.

    Let me introduce Jason Caluori and Barry Plaskow. Each highly successful in their own right (both independently creating affiliate sites that generate over $1m in sales per month!), who have come together to offer a VERY special course that has PROVEN itself time and again, helping beginners get into the game FAST. The programme is called SAS Affiliate and comprises a core intensive, deep-dive, detailed training, which covers EVERY aspect of getting from square 1 to $ in the bank. You can blast your way through and get up and running quick. You choose your speed, so it fits into your schedule. You can model each action as you work though each module. 

    No IF's, no BUTS, just follow the yellow brick road to success!! Yours!!

    And yet SAS Affiliate is even more than that ...

    Jason and Barry want to make sure that Everyone Succeeds. To do this they will go the EXTRA MILE. I have never before found people who take a real interest in getting you up and rolling, {unless you are paying a fortune for personal mentoring} Barry and Jason hold weekly Q&A sessions to answer your questions, and takes a genuine interest in your results. I have been really impressed by their openness and helpfulness on all levels. It is a VERY rare thing to find and I am delighted and pleased to recommend them as my teachers and guides. Let them be yours too.

    Get the winning team on your side - and WIN as you deserve to.

    SAS Affiliates Key Features

      SAS Affiliate Training Package features ...

    • Road Map - Intensive Online Training Course

    • Deep Dive - Over The Shoulder Videos

    • Secret - SEO Tools and Strategies

    • Killer - Jason's Exclusive High Converting Groove Templates

    • Access - Affiliate Products Paying 40% Commissions (before anyone else)

    • Real time - Weekly updates and bonus sessions

    • Private - Individual Support Clinics and Forums

    Reviewing the Pros and Cons

    There are always pros and cons to any training programme. So it is worth analysing them here.

    The Pros

  • Jason and Barry share a huge amount of personal success experience

  • Affiliate Marketing is taught in easy to understand, and DO, modules

  • Gets you up and running FAST with a paint by numbers approach

  • Focused structure helps you stay on track and complete the course, and launch your business 

  • Helps you rinse and repeat with ANY affiliate program 

  • Fantastic level of ongoing support to help you keep on building your business

  • Amazing value for money compared to other online business courses and pays for itself multiple times over

  • The Cons

  • Effort and self discipline are required to implement the training. They will only review your new site if you ask them to

  • Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone

  • You DO have to create original content

  • SAS Affiliates teach how to design websites within Groovepages integrated software only

  • PS. You can get GroovePages FREE here.

  • SAS Affiliate Review Conclusion 

    If you are ready to start on an incredibly fun and lucrative journey into affiliate marketing this is the best opportunity that has ever come your way! Because of the simultaneous release of the free lifetime Groovepages signup and the amount of mastery contained within this course (and added to weekly) you would be truly missing out if you didn't take advantage of this amazing offer.  


    So join RIGHT NOW! Don’t let this slip by. Sign up for SAS Affiliate while the live training are happening and get started today by clicking below! 

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  • We all get 24 hours each day

  • Spend them wisely

  • Your success depends upon it

  • Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

    • Q. Who is behind the SAS Affiliate programme?

    Developed by Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori, SAS Affiliate is a training program that focuses on teaching keyword and SEO techniques to boost website ranking in search engines to minimize use of paid ads.

    Both Barry and Jason are online marketing veterans. Jason is a 7 figure marketing expert who uses SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to rank high in search engines. Jason is a brilliant copywriter, conversion rate optimization expert, and affiliate marketer. His techniques are amazing for ranking in Google and getting traffic to sites.

    Barry's moto and the moto of SAS Affiliate is 'No one left behind'. Over the years Barry has interviewed many successful marketers and captures their methods into a program that give newbies and seasoned marketers the necessary and doable steps to making online sales. 

    • Q. What credentials do Jason and Barry have?

    Jason and Barry have independently built 7 figure businesses. Barry has been public speaking and teaching for years while Jason has been quietly getting on with building a fortune. Once these two met there has been a synergy which resulted in them creating SAS Affiliate programme last summer. They truly want to see everyone success and have a lively Instagram group where members post their achievements and are celebrated. How soon will you be posting there? 

    • Q. Is SAS Affiliate programme good value for money?

    Personally, I have spent a lot on numerous courses with high ticket prices, that failed to deliver on their promises. With SAS Affiliates an easily affordable programme they just keep on over delivering. That is why I am not joining any other courses; I am ONLY going to work with these guys. They rock!


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